Smith College at the Olympics – History!

Smith College has a tremendous history in the education of women, but here is something you did not know about Smith College and the Olympics:

“The captain of this team of female track stars was Florieda Batson, a nimble 21-year-old New Orleanian who had just completed her first year at Smith College in Northampton, Mass.”

There is no squash at the Olympics (although we are on the shortlist for 2016) but there is Badminton, and there have been some great matches!  The skills and fitness are very similar to squash – lots of lunging, hitting hard, and soft drop shots – even some of the grips they use are similar.  Watching these incredible racquet sport athletes is really motivating.  Our captain Alice is going to take a couple of badminton racquets and shuttlecocks to the tropical rain forest for her semester abroad – you can play badminton anywhere!

And we do have our other captain, Elizabeth Guyman,  actually at the Olympics – lucky girl!

You won’t find Olympic Badminton on U.S. TV, but if you have internet and a computer you can watch live or taped videos at NBC.

Have a look and then go and workout!

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