100% of Smith Squash Team to Run Sept. 21st!

Every member of the 2008-09 Smith Squash team has committed to run in the Smith College Fall Fit 5k!

Furthermore, each team member has committed to finding 10 friends to sign up and support the event, and everyone has agreed to volunteer their time to help Tim with dismantling the course following the race.

There are two distances – 5k and 1.5K, both of which are excellent training distances for squash.  Entry is $10, and all details can be found here, including an entry form.  Proceeds from the event will go towards local Northampton Education programs and the Dept. of Athletics.


5 Responses to 100% of Smith Squash Team to Run Sept. 21st!

  1. Meg O. says:

    UM I assume we are doing the “fun” walking part of this crazy thing.

  2. tim says:

    “No fun, no fun, no fun…”


  3. Jasmine says:

    uhhh yeah i cant run 5K..

  4. tim says:

    well try this on for size – both of youse!!

    For god’s sake – joey laid down his life for us!

  5. Meg says:

    even though they were on mtv2 of all god forsaken places, he clearly
    understands what jasmine and myself are going through because
    the only part of that performance I could comprehend was a strange gagging noise!

    maybe we could hold a benefit concert instead? squash rackets make great guitars

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