New to Squash? How fit do I have to be?

Squash is the world’s #1 sport for health and fitness sport – only Olympic cross-county skiers and marathoners regularly pull aerobic test scores higher than elite squash players – that’s right – fitter than soccer, basketball, cross-country, crew, etc. !

What does this mean for you – the new player?

First, it is a question of process – according to nearly all reputable sources people of all ages need to be active for a minimum of 30-60 minutes a day for optimum health and wellness.  So the answer to the questions is:  you should be working out 30-60 min. a day.

Second, there are norms, and if you want to play squash for a college team or even recreationally you should work towards minimum levels of adult “normal population” fitness – if you are not there now it should take 1-3 months to get there:

Third, if you are working towards being a varsity college athlete you may want to take a look at the fitness level of common sports, including those rated lower than squash on the fitness scale, like tennis.

Start with the process, move towards minimums standards, then test yourself against other varsity athletes!

2 Responses to New to Squash? How fit do I have to be?

  1. health day says:

    Nice blog! Keep up the good work.

  2. […] should at least have an average level of fitness which you can read about here.  The average 17-year old girl can run a mile in about 10 minutes and do 30-40 curl-ups (sit-ups) […]

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