Get fit – receive an academic credit!

Yes – we are the only squash playing women’s college where you can receive one (1) academic credit for getting in shape!

Jim Johnson, one of our Profs. in Exercise & Sport Studies is offering a NEW course this fall – great opportunity. Here is a link to Jim being interviewed on physical training and the Olympics and here is his e-mail to coaches announcing his course:

Dear Coaches,

I’m teaching a new physical conditioning course this fall, Athletic Fitness.

The class meets from 9-10:20 on TTh.

I’m sending you this because it may be of interest to some of your athletes. This class is fairly intense and I am planning this as a typical pre-season conditioning program. In general, the goal of the class will be to teach students how to develop functional fitness for sport. Strength, power, agility, speed, and balance are the primary areas of training. Unlike the Peak Performance class in the spring, this class will focus on upper and lower body activities. Aerobic training is not a big part of the class, unless a student enrolls who is very interested in improving aerobic power. I will attempt to vary the class according to the needs of the students.

There will be some evaluation activities, measuring power, speed, and agility.

Each class will involve a warm-up followed by a series of functional activities both indoors and out. Strength training will primarily involve multi-joint free weight activities followed by strength activities using one’s body.

This class should not be a large one–about 16 students. Please feel free to recommend this one-credit class to students.

Jim Johnson


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