Do you play a racquet sport? Smith Squash wants you!

Since 1994 only one dozen of the several hundred women who played squash for Smith College had played squash at high school!

Many of the team’s most successful players, had however, already played tennis, badminton, table tennis or racquetball.  Although these sports are very different, they have enough elements in common to have a positive carryover to squash!

Four of our players have received the Ann Wetzel Award which goes to the top college player in the U.S. who started squash at college:  Patty Jang ’98, Kanta Murali ’99, Ashley Kilgore ’05, and Jenn Recht ’06 (ok – Patty did not win but she should have since she beat the woman who won it and was a way better sport!).

Four of our players who started squash at Smith went on to get a Master’s in coaching and actually coach the team:  Kirsten Wallace ’95, Kris Martini ’95, Julie Wienski ’95, and Stacy Metzger ’05.

Our 1998 and 1999 teams finished 12th in the U.S. with a team that had only one player who had played squash before college!  Truly amazing feat.

So if you love racquet sports and want to get really good at squash and represent your college – give the Smith College Squash Team a try!

Coach Tim Bacon, 413-585-2715 or

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  1. […] Squash is fantastic cross-training for all team sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball and field-hockey, and is obviously just as great for athletes in the other racquet sports. […]

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