Just Been “Cut” or “Burned Out”? Smith Squash May Be the Answer!

Squash and Rowing* are the only two sports at Smith where you can still excel as an athlete without having competed at high school.  Both programs have produced national level teams and athletes over the last 10 years. (*Having said that one of our captains Liz Guyman went out for the Lacrosse team last year, never having played before!).

Taking up a new sport can be invigorating and refreshing – especially if you have just been cut, are burned out or simply have reached a plateau where further improvement is more difficult.  Learning new skills, making new friends, improving quickly are all all great sources of enjoyment.

Britain has copied the Smith College Squash Team’s idea and recently has poured millions of dollars into  GIRLS4GOLD, a campaign to recruit Gold Medal Winners from complete novice athletes!

Squash is fantastic cross-training for all team sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball and field-hockey, and is obviously just as great for athletes in the other racquet sports.

The Smith team has a different vision and different values than most NCAA teams.  The squash program supports all women who come out for the team who are willing to make a college varsity-level commitment.  New people have a few weeks to try the sport and see if they are really enjoying it – if they are we provide all the tools to improve and have fun (an idea that the USTA has recently copied from us!).

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