From the Australian Rainforest: JSA Captain Alice “Red” Reznickova

One of the great things about Smith College and the Smith Squash Team is that student-athletes are encouraged to take part in the junior semester or year abroad program to enrich their academic and social experience at College.  Last year senior Jess MacLeod was in London and worked ferociously on the squash game – and has come back a much improved player.  This year Liz hughes is in Copenhagen, and today co-captain Alice Reznickova writes the team on the eve of the start of their season (you can try and guess which one she is in the picture):

Hi Team,

most of you know me, for those who do not – my name is Alice UnpronouncableEasternEuropeanLastNameWithManyAccents and if you look at last years pictures, I am the one with the unique (and beautiful) haircolor (no, I have not been isnpired by Run, Lola, Run nor by The Fifth Element:)) I am also the Captain Abroad – I am spending my semester in Down Under (=Australia!), living, learning and laboring (just to get the 3xL) in a rainforest near Cairns. I can assure you I will come home as a tough woman – life here is like Survival of the Fittest, every day is a new adventure and apparently we can die of one hundred million different things including killer plant and animals (the most venomous snakes are our BFFs – one black red-bellied watched a movie with us yesterday and a four-meter python lied across the path to my cabin two days ago), weather (Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world) and than the more usual things like dehydration, drowning, falling from a liana while swinging like a tarzan, bug bite, angry farmer/miner encounter on our usual Saturday_Night_Pub_Visit, bleeding to death (sometimes I take leeches of my legs in dozens), lack of sleep or  peanutbuttershock (that happened today, there was no more peanut butter left for entire 24 hours!). Other than that, it feels like 14 weeks long summer vacations and it is the best experience I have had in my entire life, so if you are not old yet (like Jess!) and thinking of going abroad, I encourage you to check out (end of advertisement).

So, after a long introduction, I am finally coming to the main part of this email – your season is starting and I wanted to wish you all good luck with balancing academics, personal life and athletics. Do not forget that improvement is more important than victory and you’ll be fine on the Smith Squash team. Being a part of a team is fun – and I truly miss it – and miss you all. If you ever have any concerns/questions, do not hesitate to turn to me (I am available on this email most of the time, yes, we DO have internet in the middle of rainforest) 🙂

Again – good luck and have fun!
(I am off to make some vegan burgers after “running” up and down a Pyramid mountain – hike level “Difficult”, two ways for extremely fit people – 3 hours. We were back in 2 hours 15 minutes and jumped to a lake in our clothes… As I said, life here is fun :))


Alice vs. Wesleyan @ Smith College - February 2008

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