Cat Fights Plague Seven Sisters Opponents in Wellesley

obwohl wir auch das zweite spiel des heutigen tages gegen Wellesley hoch verloren haben war der unterschied in der spielstärke nicht so groß wie bei northeastern.

Smith #12 Julia Howald

Julia Howald & Mercedes Pepper's left ear

If you cannot read German written without Kapital letters, the Smith College Squash team fought hard against their sisters from Wellesley, improving upon their morning performance in downtown Boston with a pair of thrilling five-game matches.  Junior Luisa Tsang, at the start of only her second season of squash came back from a 2-0 deficit to take her more experienced opponent 10-8 in the fifth!  Part of the credit is due to the coaching of former Williams Squash and Tennis Coach Erin Robson, who will be coaching the team this season while Tim Bacon is getting his right hip replaced and rehabbed.  Robson was Head Coach of Squash for the Smith team during her graduate studies in Smith College’s Department of Execise & Sport Studies in the 1990’s. 

In the second match at the #12 exhibition position, Julia Howald lost 10-8 in the fifth in a see-saw exciting thriller to Wellesley #10 Carrie Ng, who must have dived for at least a dozen balls during the match!  Smith College lost the match by an overall score of 8 to 1, with the Smith team winning twice as many points as they did in their morning match.

And here is the official score sheet for the top nine counting positions (Mercedes Pepper out with a pulled quad, with Sarah Lentz and Kailin Weng playing numbers 10 and 11 exhibition):


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