On Medical Leave? No problem for a squash coach with Skype!

Tim Bacon’s last practice with the Smith College Squash Team was on Monday, November 10th, as he had a total right hip replacement on Wednesday, November 12th.  Tim’s replacement, former Div. III leading William’s College Squash & Tennis Coach Erin Robson are no strangers.  After leaving Willliam’s to start a family, Erin has assisted Tim twice in coaching the Smith College Squash Team, the last time right up until her 8th month of pregnancy! Since then she has also helped coach the Amherst Women’s Squash Team and kept her own top game in shape.  She is a graduate of Smith College’s Master’s in Coaching program, and coached the Smith Team – including a team trip to England – during her two years in the program.

Erin has stepped in and done a great job from the start, partly because both she and Tim share highly similar philosophies and points of view in coaching squash and mentoring college student-athletes.

With more than 40 Smith team matches to supervise in yesterday’s U.S. Women’s College Championships, Tim, with the help of the team’s Mercedes Pepper offered to help out from his rehabilitation home in Middletown, CT:

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