Mass Alums Come Back to Help Out Smith Squash (and win;)

When the Smith Emerging Teams Tournament got postponed this weekend, Smith Massachusetts Alumnae stepped up on short notice to trek to downtown Northampton to play the 2008-09 Smith Squash Team, who are right in the middle of their three-week interterm, intensive, two-a-day squash training program.

Smith Alum Erin Robson ’94 (Graduate Program in Coaching) did not have far to go as she has been coaching the team as Interim head Coach this season duirng Tim Bacon’s medical leave for a hip replacement.  Clearly demonstrating “why she is the coach” she took out Smith #1 and SquashBusters alum Shanita Williams 3-0.

Northampton resident Stacy Metzger ’03 and ’05 (since she graduated from the Smith M.Sc. in Coaching program), a former assistant coach with the Smith Squash Team took out Smith #2 Jessica MacLeod 3-1, in a match featuring lots of very close rallies.  Stacy’s experience and deception in the front court (show deep – go short!) made the difference.  Stacy is working as a Transportation Engineer for a local firm.  After her match she rushed of to play for her local ice hockey team!

Fellow Northampton resident Anne Miller Bello ’03 has left Merriam Webster, where she was the mastermind behind incorporating new words into the world famous dictionary (most recently she was working on “bootilicious”), for Ph.D. studies in English.  She split her two matches, losing narrowly 3-2 to  Smith #3 Meg Oliverio, and beating #8 Mercedes Pepper 3-0.

The “hustle” award for the day has to go to Bree Carlson ’01, who started her day in a local Snowshoe Race in the Berkshires, played three matches against the Smith Team, and after a quick dinner with Smith Coach Tim Bacon, hustled up I-91 to Greenfield to do Contra dancing at a Green St. (not to be confused with Greenday) concert.  When she is not doing eight hours of physical activity a day Bree works as an Environmental Engineer for a Boston firm.  Bree beat Smith #5  Jasmine Wallace and #7 Elizabeth Guyman before succumbing to #3 Meg Oliverio in her third and final match (sorry Meg – she would have beat you if she was fresh:).

Smith Squash Team - Interterm 2009!

Smith Squash Team - Interterm 2009!

It was great to see the alums keeping up their squash, living a healthy lifestyle and doing so well professionally so early on in their careers (ok – a bit later on for Erin;).  The team gets a much needed day of rest before hitting the courts and gym on Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. !

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