Smith Squash Moves Towards #29-30th Playoff

Smith Squash lost their first match of the season back on November 8th to an experienced Squad from Northeastern by a score of 8-1.  Three months later, back in Boston at the start of the 2009 Howe Cup, the team came out all fired up and improved to a loss of 7-2, almost a 6-3 as Smith #3 Meg Oliverio had a close match with a 3-1 loss.  More important than the actual score, the team came out running for every ball from the start which will serve them well for the rest of the tournament.

The team next faces 30th ranked Colgate who lost their match to Conn College 9-0.  The match-up against Smith will be a tough won as Colgate was the team who beat Smith 5-4 in the playoff for #31-32 in last year’s national team championship in Princeton.  Th Smith team plays next at 2:00 pm today, Saturday, February 14th at Harvard’s Murr Center.

Smith 2 Northeastern 7

Howe Cup 2009 1st Round: Smith 2 Northeastern 7

Here are some video highlights from the match:

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