Yes – There are Boys at Smith College!

I stumbled across a college review website and was surprised to see that there was a big “Not Applicable” beside the “Guys” category.  Smith College usually gets top ratings for Most Beautiful Campus or Best Housing, so this was perplexing.

Erroneous Publication!

Erroneous Publication!

As perhaps the only U.S. College Squash Coach who also teaches academic courses (Psychology of Sport, Introduction to Exercise & Sport Studies, Introduction to Coaching, etc.) I knew that there were boys in Smith College courses – since many of them take my classes!  I regularly get hockey players from Amherst College, mountain bikers from Hampshire College and baseball players from UMASS Amherst. Here is a short video of UMASS student Joe Dalton discussing our our topic of the day:  Leadership in the film Miracle.

In addition to males in Smith courses, Smith College students are encourage to take classes at any of the Five Colleges, which means being educated alongside the almost 10,000 male students at UMASS, Amherst and Hampshire.  Free bus and lunch when you take courses on other campuses in the association!

I won’t even talk about Northampton nightlife less than 200 yards from Smith (30+ bars and restaurants filled with boys!)… and now there is an Urban Outfitters


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  1. […] of the almost 10,000 males at the Five Colleges around Northampton, Massachusetts are entitled to take classes at Smith […]

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