Smith College if You Love Sports (and boys)!

Smith College Squash Coach Tim Bacon is the only U.S. College Squash Coach who also teaches academic courses as well as coaching the varsity squash team (he is also the only Level 4 Squash Coach in the U.S. – but that’s another story).

Smith College squash athletes are given a great squash practice schedule with no time-wasting out-of-practice meetings, fund-raisers, etc.  In fact they are the only team who use a “four out-of-five” practice structure.  Practices were lengthened to 2.5 hours instead of 2.0, and team members were then given the option to attend just 4/5 practices to let them fufill their time commitment to the team – and to help them better organize their time at Smith – so many opportunities – so few hours!

Here is a short clip from one of Tim Bacon’s academic classes – Introduction  to Coaching – where students get a chance to pursue a High School Coaching Certification.  The clip also provides another example of how there are many opportunities to meet boys at Smith College – even if it is a “women’s” college.  I am not sure about the treatment this boy is receiving (he is actually a very nice guy!).

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