Jimmy Fallon Parties with Smith College Squash Team in Northampton!

Coach Tim Bacon got offered two tickets – for $15 instead of $30 apiece – to Jimmy Fallon’s show as he strolled past the Calvin Theatre on Sunday in Northampton, MA – home of Smith College and America’s #1 Small Arts Town.  Here is a preview write-up of the show in the Daily Collegian – Smith College’s brother University a short hop, skip and bus ride from the Smith College Campus).

Here is an interview with Jimmy – he loved Northampton, and visited and was raving about about all of Coach Bacon’s favorite places just steps from the Smith College Campus: The Tunnel Bar (built inside an old railway station); Herrell’s Ice Cream – site of many visits by the Smith College Squash Team; and The Toasted Owl – where Jimmy had chicken wings (Coach Bacon prefers the Breaded Chicken Fingers in Thai Peanut Sauce).

The next night on his show, Jimmy Fallon also mentioned The Basement (another Coach Bacon favorite), site of weekly shows featuring up and coming local talent.  A little known fact about Northampton is that it is on a circuit of clubs and venues in the Northeast for top acts (Bacon Brothers, Kris Kristofferson, Melissa Ethridge, etc.) – and of course the location of a recent film by Mel Gibson last fall.

Did the team party with Jimmy Fallon after his show – possible but Coach Bacon hopes not!

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