Smith College Squash Welcomes Middle Eastern & Muslim Players!

It is no secret that Smith College is actively encouraging applications from young women high school students from the Middle East, Muslim countries, as well as nations with a variety of religions such as India and Pakistan.

As the nation’s largest women’s post secondary institution, Smith College is an ideal space for a safe (amongst the lowest campus/town violent crime statistics in America), respectful education for those that value the advantages that a female-only environment offers.   In addition to welcoming female students from abroad, Smith College encourages its American students to widen their horizons in places such as the Midle East through study abroad activities and campus organizations.

The Smith College Squash Team is not only one of the most academically successful teams at Smith, but is also one of the most diverse, with a historically high percentage of international students (including those from the Middle East and Asia) from countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, etc. – you can take a peek at the current internationally flavored roster here.  Jumana Dalal ’98 is a Smith Sqush Alum, now a lawyer currently posted to Malyasia; Kanta Murali ’99 is doing her Ph.D. in Economics at Princeton (she won the College Squash Association’s Ann Wetzel Award which goes to the best female college player who started her squash career at college).

In 1996 Smith College Squash Head Coach visited Iran for three weeks as part of a Canadian mission to educate Iran’s National Coaches in the Coaching Association of Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (which Canada had just sold to Iran).  As a Canadian (with both a British and Irish passport) he is aware of the cultural sensitivities necessary when working with female athletes of various cultures.  In 2003 he visited Cairo to present on the topic of “Coaching Women” at the World Squash Federation’s Coaching Conference – held simultaneously with the Junior Women’s World Championships.

There is a place at Smith College for the growing number of young women who have taken up squash as their sport!

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