Squash Life After Smith College

The Vision we have established for the Smith College Squash Team – most of whom have not played before college is – at the end of four years of development and improvement on the team:

“To be able to walk into any squash club in the world, and have a “good” game with any club member that the squash professional sets up”.

Here is a communication we received yesterday from New York City that supports that Vision:

Dear College Squash Coach/Club Team Captain,

I wanted to reach out to you before the end of the academic school year because I know many of your players will be moving to New York City and the surrounding areas this summer either for internships or for full time employment. On behalf of the Metropolitan Squash Racquets Association (the “MSRA”), the squash governing body for New York City as well many of the surrounding areas we want to invite your players to continue playing squash in the post collegiate lives, either through our leagues or tournaments. The MSRA is a local squash racquet association and works in conjunction with U.S. Squash. There are currently more than 2000 MSRA members and many of them play on one of our 63 league teams or in one of our tournaments.

The MSRA Squash League is a weekly competitive and social squash league played at clubs throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn . The league runs from November through April with weekly matches. In addition, the MSRA holds two amateur tournaments each year, The Grand and The Hyder. Each tournament drew more than 200 participants in 2009. The Grand is run the same weekend as the J.P.Morgan Tournament of Champions. The Hyder tournament also has a pro draw component with many top pros competing including David Palmer, Shahier Razik, John White and Julian Illingworth among others this year. To see Hyder tournament information please visit http://www.hydersquash.com/.

Please direct your players to our website, www.msra.net, to sign up for membership with the MSRA/U.S. Squash which enables the player to play in the MSRA League or Tournaments. The website also contains further information about our leagues, tournaments, social events and places to play. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at jonathan.reifler@msra.net.

Best regards,

Jonathan Reifler

MSRA Treasurer
(203) 246 1218


Meg Oliverio - 2 Yrs. on Smith Squash

Meg Oliverio - 2 Yrs. on Smith Squash

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