Smith College Squash Leadership: Captain Reznickova

One of the great things about a women’s college, as opposed to a co-ed college is that all the leadership positions are filled by women – so a great opportunity to develop valuable leadership schools for the real world.  Many of the world’s top female leaders had a girls only education.

One of the special qualities of the Smith College squash program is that it eschews typical athletic team hierarchies which can lead to various negative outcomes (e.g., hazing of freshmen).  The Smith College Squash team has a long history of allowing juniors and even sophomores to take on the leadership position of captain on the team.

Current co-captain Alice Reznickova was voted a sophomore captain last season (2007-08) due to her sensibility, communication and caring about her teammates.  It was also only her second year even playing squash! Here is a clip of her chasing down a boast and putting in her own drop (her strength as a player).

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