Smith Squash Early Summer Update!

  • Squash Olympic bid presentation was yesterday – here is a great new video to promote that cause! 
    • Alice, Jasmine and Meg are on the beautiful Smith Campus this summer – Jasmine is off to New Zealand’s University of Canterbury for her semester abroad program – she has already lined up squash courts at the university.
    • Smith College offers a new degree!  A Bachelor of Arts in Engineering.  This new degree maintains Smith’s position as the number 1 Liberal Arts College for women in North America!  Squash and Engineering are natural partners – as any Engineering professor will tell you:)
    • Alice will be trying to lower her 5k time from a 9 minute a mile pace down to 7 minutes a mile.  The test run will be at the 2009  Smith Fall Fit 5K on Saturday, September 27th.  The entire Smith College Squash Team will be runing in the event as they did last year.
    • Head Coach Tim Bacon will be coaching and doing strength and mental training at both the Princeton Squash Camps and the Premier Performance Squash Camps featuring men’s World #1 Karim Darwish and other top Egyptian players.  There are still a couple of spaces remaining if you want to find out why the Egyptians are at the top in both Men’s and Women’s squash!  E-mail Tim for more info:

    Tim Bacon, Smith College Squash Head Coach


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