What do College Squash Coaches Do in the Summer?

Well – they play of course! In this video Smith College squash coach Tim Bacon is playing world #1 male squash player Karim Darwish in British Racketball – unfortunately Tim had a bad back and ended up losing (but at least did not wimp out!).  Smith is a  top academic college located in the great town of Northampton in Western Massachusetts (an hour and a half from Boston).

College squash coaches also work – and work hard on their professional development and fitness (while administrators are sitting around doing nothing and playing golf:)!  Smith Coach Tim Bacon was hired by Squash Design to organize and direct the summer squash camp (above courts were at the Mercersburg Academy in PA) around the unique talents of world # 1 Karim Darwish.  Tim has adapted the newest approach to sport pedagogy, called the Games Approach to squash, and has been using it with the Smith College Squash team for the last few seasons.  Tim trained Karim, his wife Engy (#20 WISPA ranking) and Miguel Rodriguez (PSA #20) in the Games Approach methodology – it was really well received by both the adult and junior campers.

In addition to working with the World’s #1 player, Tim coached alongside England’s Mike Johnson (now working in Tim’s native land of Canada) at the Princeton Squash Camps for two weeks.  Mike has coached several of the world’s top players including former world champions Sarah Fitzgerald, Rodney Matin and Rodney Eyles.  Tim used the opportunity to co-present with Mike in a lecture to the campers on the Psychology of Squash.  Tim filmed the lecture and edited a video to help others learn about the mental side of squash.

If you are a talented high school student and play racquetball or tennis and would like to try squash at college drop Tim a line (tbacon@smith.edu) – he has lots of experience successfully converting players to squash.

So that is what College Squash Coaches do in the summer!

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