College Squash Goes Electronic!

It started a few years ago – gradually easier access for the average person to use the web and internet to communicate with others.

Smith Coach Tim Bacon’s transforming exposure occurred at a Smith College Faculty workshop (Tim is the only U.S. College Coach to teach academic classes) on Web 2.0 a few years ago.  What is Web 2.0?  The assembly of easy to use tools like YouTube, blog software, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. (Web 1.0 was traditional tools like e-mail and HTML editing required web pages).  Even the new College Squash Association site is now uses WordPress (Smith Squash Alum Anne Bello runs the site with her husband Western Mass squash player Mike Bello).

This site is the #2 rated site if you enter the terms “College Squash”, and Smith Coach Tim Bacon’s Science of Coaching Squash blog is #1 if you search “squash coaching”!  Lots of valuable information for U.S. and International high school students looking to improve their squash.

The Smith College Team has its own blog (this site) its own YouTube Channel, and its own Twitter account, so that prospective recruits, current students, parents and fans can stay in touch with the team’s progress.  This season watch for webcasting of some home matches using SKYPE!

Under Tim’s influence, even the Smith College Athletics Department is starting to wilt under the pressure to go electronic.  For the first time, the squash team brochure is available to download as a .pdf – click here to download a copy: Smith College Squash 2009.10 Brochure.  Drop Tim ( a line if you want to know more about College Squash in the U.S. or need help with your own Web 2.0 tools!

Smith College Squash 2009.10 Brochure

Smith College Squash 2009.10 Brochure

Smith College Squash 2009.10 Brochure

Smith College Squash 2009.10 Brochure

2 Responses to College Squash Goes Electronic!

  1. robert says:

    congratulations on the site. good luck and have a great new season.
    please encourage all squash players to share opinions and questions in our global collaborative survey:
    thank you.
    i’m heading to a women’s squash tournament here in Cape Town, South Africa today. squash is an international language! cheers.

  2. […] was the first match webcast using the iPhone 3Gs and the Ustream webcasting app.  Technology and Web 2.0 guru Smith College Coach Tim Bacon has used both Twitter and YouTube to distribute video of his team’s matches in the past […]

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