International Student? Why Choose an American Squash College?

Reason #1

Most of the Colleges and Universities where squash is played in the U.S. are elite academic institutions – there are only about 30 with women’s varsity squash programs.  Attending one of these colleges is a life transforming experience:  you get the best education alongside some of the brightest people in the world – this opportunity along with the large salary you can receive after graduating makes the $50,000 a year worthwhile (versus a regular university back home or a state college).

That is the single most important reason to play squash at a college – aside from your love for squash.  If you are a female, attending a women’s college, like Smith College,  means that all of the institution’s considerable resources are directed towards making your education better (Smith College has an endowment that has flirted with 900 million dollars) .

It is a very special thing to attend a college in the U.S. where squash is played – and even more special at a Women’s College – here is the opening ceremony for Smith College – America’s largest women’s college (more than a thousand courses to choose from, if you include the Five Colleges):


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