Smith College Squash Coach’s Blog Ranked Google #1

If you Google the terms “squash coaching” or “squash science” Smith College’s Tim Bacon’s Science of Coaching Squash Blog comes up first in the search results.  With more than 30,000 hits since its inception a little more than a year ago, the blog is the internet’s number one resource for information on squash coaching and sport science related to squash.

google squash coachinggoogle squash science

Unique amongst U.S. College coaches, Bacon is a full member of Faculty at Smith College and teaches several academic courses in addition to his squash coaching responsibilities.  Psychology of Sport, Introduction to Coaching, and Introduction to Exercise & Sport Studies are all 4-credit academic courses taught under the auspices of the Department of Exercise & Sport Studies.  Former Chair of Squash Canada’s Sport Medicine & Science Committee, Bacon has written coaching education materials for many national racquet sport associations including:  U.S. Squash, Squash Canada, Tennis canada, Racquetball Canada, and the Coaching Association of Canada.

Before moving to the U.S. to coach the Smith College Squash team in 1994, Bacon coach the Canadian Jr. National Team at the 1990 world Championships (a squash that included future World #1 Jonathon Power and #13 Graham Ryding), the powerhouse University of Western Ontario during his graduate studies at that University (historically on of the top three men’s teams in the U.S. squash rankings), the McGill Men’s & Women’s Teams (the men moving from 6th to 3rd in Canada during his tenure); and the #1 Quebec ranked female, Diane Poitras.  More recently, he coached his racketlon mixed doubles partner to two consecutive years of undefeated play in U.S. Squash skill level and U34 National Championships (she beat 3 U.S. National Team members along the way.).

Uncommon amongst U.S. squash coaches, Bacon holds a Level 4 Coaching Certification in addition to both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Physical Education – as well as 10 years study of sport psychology in French at the doctoral level at L’Universite de Montreal.  During this time he acted as mental training consultant to several world champion athletes and teams in tennis, squash and racquetball – including acting as the consultant to the men’s Jr. and Sr., and women’s Jr. national squash teams from about 1987 to 1994.

Bacon’s interest in coaching women started as a young pro at Toronto’s Sherbourne Club.  Only having played 3-4 years himself,  he regularly trained with and played against successive Canadian Women’s Champions in the early 1980’s:  Anne Smith (also former Scottish #1), Elaine Hinnegan, and Gail Pimm.  He also had the chance to play an exhibition against the famous Heather McKay who worked for the same squash management group (he lost).  Despite significant hip arthritis (replaced in 2008), Bacon was ranked in the U.S.’ top 10 in 45+ competition from 2003-2007, won several Massachusett’s 45+ State Championships (against Squash Talk’s Ron Beck), as well as the State’s Open Softball Champioships with his mixed doubles partner (i.e., the beat men’s teams).  He has also won several USTA mixed doubles tennis tournaments and was ranked #23 in the world in Racketlon Mixed Doubles just prior to his hip replacement.

You can follow Bacon’s activities on Twitter (squashscience) or catch him on his Squash Science YouTube Channel – seen her playing world #1 Karm Darwish at British Racketball:

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