2010 Smith Squash Fittest Ever!

The Smith Squash Team uses  “100 touches” to assess their fitness – the test involves simply running 100 lengths of the court as quickly as possible.  Usually lasting 5-7 minutes, the test assesses aerobic power (ability to work aerobically at a high rate) and anaerobic endurance (ability to work at a very high rate – usually greater than 85% of HRmax – and to tolerate high levels of lactic acid that accumulate by the end of the test) – so it is also a great measure of mental toughness – the ability to push beyond the pain barrier.

This year’s results are the best-ever with almost everyone breaking the 6-minute barrier, and co-captain Elizabeth Guyman tying a 10-year old team record of 5:15.  There were only two players slower than 6:00: one missed three weeks of training during interterm and the other was abroad in the fall semester, missing three months of training – a testimonial to this year’s fitness training program:

5:15   Elizabeth Guyman

5:18   Andrea Shang

5:33   Alice Reznickova

5:40   Elena Plesco

5:48   Meg Oliverio

5:49   Clair Oblamski

5:51   Su Fu

5:51   Joanne Poon

6:01   Jasmine Wallas

6:18   Kelsey Radwilowicz

Here is the team doing aerobic training last week:

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