Smith Squash Webcasts Men’s Team Championship @Yale

The Smith College Squash team hopped in a van this morning and sped (legal speed limit) down I-91 to Yale to watch and webcast the Trinity-Princeton men’s semi-final at the 2010 National Team Championships.  Smith College is 1.5 hours from Boston, 2.5 from NYC, 4.0 from Montreal and only 1.5 from New Haven – a perfect place to go to school!  Here is the link to the video!

Shortly after arriving, Smith Coach Tim Bacon started up the Ustream App on his iPhone 3Gs, and started the world’s first webcast of a college championship.   The team watched the Princeton #6 upset the Trinity #6 in a thrilling match (webcast but not saved), and then moved on to watch the #1’s battle it out on Yale’s four-glass-walled court – filming from the front of the court – until the iPhone battery gave out at the start of the third (Trinity won 3-0).  Anyone following the Smith team on Twitter was notified of the webcast via a Tweet.  The quality of the streaming video was not fantastic – but good enough for anyone looking for immediate news of the results.  Here is the video of game number 2:

After a quick bite at New Haven’s “Educated Burger”, the team hopped back into the van for a quick 40-minute shopping spree at the Ingleside Mall in Holyoke (10 minutes down the road from Smith College), before making it back to campus for dinner.

The team returns to Yale next weekend for their own Team Championship!


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