Smith College Squash – Practice #1

Here’s what a sport science planned practice looks like:

4:15  Captain’s run the first part of practice unsupervised to encourage self-direction.

4:35:  On-court knock-up – 5 minutes – just like a real match.

4:40  Game 1:  Length only – ball must pass short line on floor with second bounce – this allows for higher safe length and a lower, more attacking length into the open space after moving the opponent out of position.

5:05  Game 2:  “A” serves with a 3-wall, defensive boast, “B” must return with a straight drop  play out point.  Players must be able to hit a good, tight drop even when the opponent knows what hey are going to hit.  Great opportunity to practice one of the most common tactical front-court situations.

5:30  Game 3:  “A” serves with a loose, cross-court lob from the back, “B” must return with a straight volley drop – a chance to practice one of the best offensive mid-court tactics.

6:00  CorePerformance Training – Stability Phase, week 2.  Dropped back a few weeks in the program in order to assess players form at basics like squat, lunge, shoulder neutral position and engaging core.

6:45  Summary – post critical reflection on “What was important at practice for me” to encourage autonomy.  Asked players to place comments in box below.


4 Responses to Smith College Squash – Practice #1

  1. Catie Blunt says:

    I’m not physic so I cant remember what we did on friday. Will talk to teammates.

  2. Elena Plesco says:

    First Reflection:
    Work on 2 wall vs 3 wall boasts.

    Second Reflection:
    Work on precision for deep shots.

  3. Guyman says:

    Tips I will remember:

    1. Stay balanced when going in for a drop shot (no leaning forward).
    2. The best counter shot to a bad cross-court ball is to drop in the opposite corner.
    3. A “good drop” is any drop that your opponent can’t return even if they see it coming (i.e. the strength of your drop is all relative).

    • Guyman says:

      I best understood the third explanation of the working boast/drop drill (play a drop if you can but not if it will come back out at you)

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