Ping Pong Party @ Smith College Squash Courts – Wed., Nov. 10 – 6:30-10:00!

Ping Pong has been virtually ignored at Smith College despite its global demographic, cultural, political, cinematographic and sporting importance until Smith Squash Coach Tim Bacon and the Smith College Squash team have almost single-handedly resurrected the world’s #1 individual sport (300 million plus participants) over the last two years – dragging out two old tables in storage, and purchasing nets, bats and balls for community use (the squash courts make an ideal location for table placement).

To support Bacon’s newly designed ESS962 Introduction to Racquet Sports course Smith’s Department of Exercise & Sport Studies has purchased two new, almost professional level, tables to provide the students with the quality physical activity experience they deserve.  To celebrate the acquisition the Smith College Squash Team is sponsoring a Ping Pong Party this coming Wednesday, November 10th from 6:30 to 10 at the squash courts.  Here is the program:

  • Free play on three tables on court #3 – bats and balls provided – all levels welcome (2 tables for beginners – 1 for intermediates);
  • Challenge the Ping-Pong Robot on court #4. Tim Bacon’s personal table tennis “ball machine” will be set up for practice and challenges (it is adjustable to match your level of experience)!
  • Film Viewing of Japan’s “Ping Pong” (Fumihiko Masuri, 2002) starting at 7:30 pm.  Tim Bacon’s ESS220 – “Sport Psychology Goes to the Movies” Class will be analyzing the film using Csikszentmihalyi’s Model of Flow – there will be a viewing guide available for those who wish to gain insight into their own peak performance experiences in sport and life.
  • Elite Ping Pong Exhibition on court #3 at 8:30.  The top Faculty players from the Five Colleges will be playing exhibitions matches starting at 8:30:  MHC’s Gary Gillis (Biology) & Allen Fitzsimmons (Physical Education) & Smith’s Kim Bierwert (Athletics) and Tim Bacon (ESS).

Drop by and hit a few balls!

There will be a minimal charge of $1 for students not obliged to attend for academic credit/and $5 for Faculty – this is a fund-raiser for the Smith College Squash team.

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