What Happens When You Graduate from Smith College Squash?

Well – if you end up sticking around the Smith College Area (Northampton is described as one of the U.S.’ Top Five Perfect College Towns!) you get together with Smith Coach Tim Bacon a couple of times a year for a FOSS (Friends of Smith Squash Northampton Branch) meeting – this year’s AGM being held at the Northampton Bowling Alley last Monday, December 13, 2010!

From left to right in the photo:

Anne Bello (Miller!): Just finishing her Ph.D. in English at UMASS Amherst – she is going to co-write a book with Tim entitled:  “Sport Psychology Goes to the Movies”, based on his sport psychology course.

Coach Tim Bacon

Mike Bello – Anne’s husband and current Executive Administrator for the College Squash Association (Anne is Editor for CSA website, and Tim is Chair of Women’s Rules Committee:)

Patricia Lutz – one of the few ADAs on a Smith College Varsity Team, Pat is currently the House Manager at the Emily Dickinson Museum in Amherst.

Stacy Metzger – After graduating from Smith, Stacy went straight into Smith’s Graduate Program in Coaching (being the assistant coach for the squash team for two years!) and then into an Engineering education – graduating with her Master’s in Civil Engineering from UMASS Amherst – currently living in Greenfield and playing ice hockey!

The only bad thing about the evening was Tim’s finish (only Anne was worse!) despite a practice session the week before!?!?

One Response to What Happens When You Graduate from Smith College Squash?

  1. Anne says:

    We may have to put the book on hold — after testing out my bowling skills, I’m thinking of going pro. If bowling were scored like golf, I’d be a champion!

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