Smith Squash Seeks Indian Squash Players: in India!

Smith College’s President Christ visits India to try and find the best and most athletic Indian women to take advantage of the best possible U.S., education:

Smith College has the fastest growing rate of international acceptance of ALL the squash -playing U.S. Colleges – and it looks like the not inconsiderable investment is worth it!  Here is the link to the full article depicted above, where Smith Squash Alum Nikhila Gill talks about the great education she received at Smith College while playing squash.

Smith College is still accepting applications from female Indian applicants until January, 2011 – if you lay squash you can contact Tim Bacon:

Here is a video of former Smith #1 (from India of course) Kanta Murali rallying with senor Jess MacLeod at last year’s alum round robin.  Kanta (also #3 in U.S. as a tennis player while at Smith) is completing her Ph.D. at Princeton University, studying foreign government economic policy.  In her own words:

Kanta Murali. I am a PhD candidate at Princeton University. My main research interest lies in the political economy of development, with a particular focus on state-business relations and the politics of market reform. My dissertation aims to explain varying patterns of private investment across Indian states in the post-liberalization period and looks at the effect of political competition on policy choices.
Languages: Tamil, Hindi

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