Smith College Squash Invitational – Day 1 – Lots of Battles!

The overall match scores did not appear close – but each match featured many individual matches that were decided by only a few points!  Wellesley lost three, 3-2 matches to CONN in the last match of the day.  The teams in this tournament were handpicked by Coach Tim Bacon – they all are very close in ranking (unlike most CSA Round Robins which are a mixed up jumble of dual matches on neutral ground) ranked #24-30 in the CSA Rankings – basically a preview of the Howe Cup “D” Division.

The Smith squash team fought hard but came up short – mostly due to a few injuries and colds – you can catch Coach Tim Bacon’s post-match video interview on the Smith Pioneers Website – the first video interview ever to be posted on the Athletics Departments site.  Tim has been trying to get them posted for years – and now with new Sports Information Director Abe Osheyack in place – it is finally happening!

The Smith team got over their tight loss pretty quickly – but seemed reluctant to share with the public:

All it took was a little convincing:


Smith plays Tournament leader tomorrow morning at 10:00 at Ainsworth Gym!


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