Smith Squash Captain Guyman Wins Harrow College Squash Player of Week!

Harrow Sports has been a significant supporter of both squash – AND College Squash in the U.S.A. for the last decade. Their most recent effort to give to the game has resulted in the development of the weekly awarded Harrow College Squash Player of the Week – won this week by the Smith College Squash Team’s Elizabeth Guyman! Harrow recently signed former World #1 Jonathon Power (Smith Coach Tim Bacon coached him at the 1990 Jr. Worlds) to their list of sponsored players.

Here is a video of Guyman valiantly holding her position at # 6 (she continues to practice left-handed and actually has improved since this video!) against a superior opponent (playing with her “good” hand:):

College Squash players qualify for a 45% discount – squash coaches interested in team racquets or apparel can contact Harrow directly here.

Thanks again to Harrow for supporting the college squash game!

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