Be Exceptional – Play Squash at a Women’s College!

Only 3% of U.S. high school girls will seriously consider a Women-only College! (click here to read about it)

If you play squash and are going to college, you would be crazy not to think about a women’s college (especially Smith College:) – we can think of 53,000 reasons to attend Smith (number of Smith Alumnae:).  Here are some other reasons (from

“Women’s college graduates make up only two percent of the college-educated population, and yet:

  • One-third of the women board members of the Fortune 1000 companies are women’s college graduates.
  • Women’s college graduates are twice as likely to earn Ph.D.s. A higher percentage go on to study in the sciences and attend medical school.
  • Of Business Week’s 50 highest ranking women in corporate America, 30 percent are women’s college graduates.
  • Of 61 women members of Congress, 20 percent attended women’s colleges.”

There are boys at Smith College – 15,000 of them!

Ok – “potentially 15,000:) 15,000 is the number of men that attend the Five College Consortium – so as a Smith student it is only a short, fun bus ride to attend classes (no extra fee!) at co-educational Amherst, UMASS, and Hampshire Colleges.  1270 Five College students – many of them boys, take classes at Smith every year!

As the only college squash coach who also teaches academic courses (Psychology of Sport, Introduction to Coaching, Leadership in Sport Seminar, etc.) Tim Bacon frequently has Five College males attending his classes – as we see in this video:

And sometime Smith Squash Coach Tim Bacon runs into team members who are out on the town with Five College boys (how embarrassing!!):

For the second year in a row, the Smith College Squash Team was the #1 academic team in College Squash – junior Catie Blunt (#8) was the top CSA scholar-athlete with a 3.95 GPA (last year the Smith team had five including co-captain Alice Reznickova who was the top squash playing student with a 3.99 GPA!).  At this year’s Howe Cup Awards Ceremony, Catie explains why she is not as good as Alice:)

Our #1 Meg Oliverio was also a CSA Scholar-Athlete – here she loses to the Wellesley #1 in her final home match of the year, but leads the team to a 6-3 win.  We lost our season opener to them 5-4, then lost two players to semester abroad (our #2 and #6), the Smith players obviously improved more than their Wellesley counterparts (and out-academiced them:).

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