Spring College Squash Season Arrives!

But only for the Smith College Squash Team – the only college team in the country that is able to have practices in a four-week “mini-season” that starts next Monday – the first day of spring!

Spring squash means good-bye to this:

And hello to this:

If you are considering Smith College and the Smith College Squash Team, it is a great time to visit one of the most beautiful campuses in the country – buds are starting to come out on the trees!  And to catch one of the other sports in action:

How is this mini-season possible?  Very crafty scheduling but Smith Head Coach Tim Bacon:

  • every team that follows NCAA rules is allowed to schedule 19 weeks of practice and competition;
  • unlike other college coaches, Tim is a proponent of “periodization” or “periodized annual plans”, one of these keys being to carefully plan rest and recovery along with hard training;
  • so unlike other coaches, Tim takes advantage of “natural breaks” in the season to schedule a week’s rest (and extra study time for the players:) – these periods of rest allow Tim to schedule an extra four weeks AFTER the season-ending Howe Cup Championship;
  • so unlike other squash players, Smith Squash players get to work on their game in a fun (no competition outside of ladder matches) setting – players only have to come to 3/4 hour and a half practices – a great way to keep the fun going!

In addition to working on technique – the team gets to work on a few fun things like British Racketball Doubles – a great intro to squash doubles when the players graduate:

Unfortunately, there will not be any team competitions (only one individual) during the mini-season – so we will not see much of this:

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