Balmy 67 Degrees for College Squash!

Most of the U.S. college trams are in Northeast – we just finished a record snowy winter!

But that is all behind us as it looks like spring has arrived while the students have been away on Spring Break (leaving the coaches behind slogging away on administration:)

Smith Coach Tim Bacon has been busy updating the team’s blog – and with a few posts this week has moved the team into the #1 spot on Google!  If you punch in “college squash” this site comes up first in the search – ahead of the defunct SquashTalk college page (which has been lingering around), and ahead of the College Squash Association’s official site.

Not only that – Dan Tudor, who runs a company helping college coaches recruit student athletes, reckons that our blog is one of the best in helping prospective high school students figure out where they want to spend their four years at college.

Maybe the Smith College team will have the chance to do a few runs outside when the second part of their season starts on Monday – team bring your running shoes!

So if you are an international student considering Smith College – no need to be afraid – the winter will end, and you will spend many months at school with great, moderate weather!

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