Smart & Self-Directed College Squash Girls!

“Call them geeks if you will, but smart girls can be super attractive. And students at these colleges voted their girls both hot and intelligent.”

Smith College girls came out ranked #1 in the College Prowler’s “College Rankings for Smartest Girls” rankings published earlier today!

This puts Smith College ahead of such squash-playing schools as (in order of ranking): Stanford, Mount Holyoke College (our Seven Sisters neighbor), Yale, Bowdoin, and Cornell – but we knew that already as the Smith Squash Team has had more CSA Scholar-Athletes and the Scholar-Athlete with the top GPA for the last two years!

The Smith Squash Team, entering week #2 of their “Spring Training” mini-season, is also “self-directed” (one of the team’s core values).  During the mini-season, Head Coach Tim Bacon runs two practices (Monday & Thursday), and the team gets together and run their own practice at the Athletics & Recreation Department’s Squash & Racketball Rec Play.  Here they are mixing up the top and bottom of the team ladder playing 3/4 court:


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