Look Who is Coming to College Squash This Fall!

Nearly all of the U.S. Colleges where squash is played are good academic schools – pretty tough to get into – you need to have excellent grades – and be a pretty good player as well!

Ironically, you can get into some of the Ivy league schools, often regarded as the U.S.’ top  schools with only average grades if you are a really good player – thanks to a practice where a team is given 1-2 “picks” by their Admissions department.  Some might call this “cheating”, since this option is not open to all of the college squash programs – therefore creating the opposite of a “level playing field” (one of the Fairplay Principles).

Smith College, the largest women’s college in the country, is one of the toughest schools to get into if you play squash – particularly if you are an International student.  Smith is one of the Seven Sisters colleges – formed at a time when the sexist Ivy leagues refused to admit women!

The accompanying article talks about how 15% of the Class of 2015 are international students – two of whom will be playing for the Smith College Squash Team!   Jacqueline Zhou from Singapore, and Vivian (SunWoo) Lee from Korea, are one of only a handful of recruited squash athletes admitted to Smith over the last 17 years. Along with the return of three Smith students who were abroad for most of the season, they will form the nucleus of a team that is looking to move up 10 spots in the CSA 2012 women’s rankings. 

How good a school is Smith College?  Over the last six years, Smith has produced more Fulbright scholars than any other U.S. college!  The Smith College squash team has featured the “best” scholar-athletes in the country the last two seasons (most scholar-athletes in 2009, top GPA in 2010).

If you play squash and are a good student you can contact Head Squash Coach Tim Bacon for more information about Smith College and playing for the Smith College Squash Team.  Tim (tbacon@smith.edu) is the only U.S. College coach who is a full member of the Faculty who teaches academic courses – and his Squash Coaching blog is the ranked #1 in the Google rankings.

Smith Squash Grads 2011

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