Division III Women’s Team Squash Rankings – February 9, 2012

One of the guiding principles of sport “fairplay” is the concept of a “level playing field” – in other words, participants who compete against each other should have access to similar resources and play under similar rules – including rules related to eligibility, recruiting, and access to coaches and training resources (e.g., strength & conditioning coach).

Although theoretically desirable, a level playing field is not always entirely possible.  A very good example of this is U.S. college squash where a number of inequities affect a college’s national ranking.  The most obvious inequity is that there is almost a perfect correlation between academic ranking (e.g., U.S. News College Rankings) and squash ranking(some exceptions), in other words, the best academic schools attract the best high school squash players – perhaps more so than for other college sports, as the use of squash to get into a highly rated college or university is well documented.  This provides an unfair recruiting advantage to the Division I schools, particularly the Ivy League Schools. 

The second inequity relates to the different rules used for NCAA Division I and III schools – the Division I rules allowing for “more” coaching intervention (even though squash is no longer an NCAA sport, squash-playing institutions adhere to NCAA rules) than Division III Rules.

Obviously, even within a Division III college athletic department the disparity can be the basis for illogical comparisons between teams, with all sports except squash being discussed in terms of their Division III ranking.

A more accurate picture of a Division III college squash team’s performance would be attained by comparing their performance to those who are similar – in other words, other Division III institutions.  Smith College coach Tim Bacon, a former member of the CSA Executive committee, has been calling for separate rankings for Division I and III teams for a number of years, for the reasons outlined above.

The Division III Squash Rankings will be published here on this site, every time the CSA issues a “joint” ranking until such time the the College Squash Association takes over the task of publishing a separate ranking for Division III schools.

  1. Trinity College
  2. Bates College
  3. Middlebury College
  4. Williams College
  5. Mount Holyoke College
  6. Hamilton College
  7. Franklin and Marshall College
  8. Bowdoin College
  9. Amherst College
  10. Wesleyan University
  11. Colby College
  12. Connecticut College
  13. Tufts University
  14. Wellesley College
  15. William Smith College
  16. Smith College
  17. Vassar College
  18. St. Lawrence University
  19. Haverford College
  20. Johns Hopkins University
  21. Rochester, University of

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