2012 CSA Scholar Athletes: Smith College Squash 6 – Ivy’s 4!

For the second consecutive year (and also narrowly losing out to Brown in 2009-10) Smith College Squash is the top academic team in the CSA – this year with six scholar-athletes to the nearest opponent’s four (Brown, Harvard, Yale).  To top it off, Smith College also won the Epps Division and their #2 player Clair Oblamski (also a CSA Scholar-Athlete) won the Ann Wetzel Award which goes to the top college player who started playing squash in college.

This is not surprising as Smith College girls came out #1 in the College Prowlers rankings of “smartest college girls” and Smith College leads all U.S. Colleges (including the Ivy’s) in Fulbright Scholars.  The advantages of a women-only education on academic achievement have been well documented, and are described in this post.

Congratulations to all six:

Catie Blunt ’12

Jaimi Inskeep ’12

Szilvi Kiss ’11

Clair Oblamksi ’12

Elena Plesco ’12

Xizhu Zhao ’12

Both Catie and Xizhu have already been accepted to Harvard Graduate School (Chemistry and Engineering respectively) and Jami to Arizona State University (Environmental Science).

Just because you are smart and pretty good at squash does not mean you can’t have fun. Here is the team warming up with Dodgeball 5 min. before their Epps Division Final with William Smith (and yes – the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted William Smith’s Ryan “MicroChip” Fishback).

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