Smith Coach Tim Bacon

Tim Bacon is the only U.S. College Coach who teaches academic courses:

Tim currently teaches ESS220 – Psychology of Sport and Leadership in the Smith College Graduate Program in Exercise & Sport Studies.  He has also taught ESS110 – Introduction to Coaching, ESS100 – Introduction to Exercise & Sport Studies, and Stress Management.

Tim Bacon is the only U.S. College Head Coach with a Graduate Degree in Coaching, a Level 4 Coaching Certification (Squash Canada), National Team Coaching Experience (1990 Canadian Jr. Team with Jonathon Power & Graham Ryding), an NSCA Strength & Conditioning Certification and approved Sport Psychology Consulting Credentials.

You can learn about Tim’s approach to squash coaching and training via his blog:  The Science of Coaching Squash – currently with more than 110,00 hits!

See Tim in Action!

Here are some videos of Tim coaching different aspects of squash:

Strength Training

Squash Tactics (here teaching deception):

Squash (Racket Sport) Technique:

Mental Training for Squash with the Smith Team:

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