Equipment & Uniforms

What will the Program provide for me?

  • one pair of eyeguards per year **Important Note**If you wear glasses at any time (eye infection, etc.) we will need to make special accomodation for you, so notify Tim ASAP.**
  • squash string to restring your racquet
  • one uniform shirt and skort (skirt with spandex shorts) for team matches (laundered after each match)
  • one Boathouse top and bottom for team matches (for top 10 varsity players)
  • one Smith travel bag (for top 10 varsity)
  • one racquet bag (for top 10 varsity)
  • squash balls
  • overgrip

What must I purchase myself?

  • two identical squash racquets (one to try out for the team – the second once you make and decide to stay with the team – so by second week of November).
  • one pair of squash shoes (gum-soled tennis or volleyball shoes might be acceptable)
  • one pair of running/jogging shoes
  • one sports watch with both chrono and timer function
  • you must pay for the actual labour involved in the stringing of your racquet: MHC Coach Allen Fitzsimmons is our team stringer this year (you are free to take your racquet elsewhere of course)- he charges $12 if we provide the string (which we will do unless you buy your own special string which is always an option).  Leave your racquet with a check for $12 with Tim and he will return it when it is done (1-2 days).

What other items might I want to obtain to play squash?

  • headbands, wristbands, towel (obtain from equipment booth prior to matches/trips)
  • second pair of squash shoes if you sweat a lot
  • foam roller
  • stretching rope
  • skipping rope for interval training

Are there recommended products available at discounted prices?

  • The racquet recommended for the team is the Prince Sovereign TT (rebranded as “Varsity” by Salaun sports) – durable, light, and suitable for various styles of play.  Tim has played with this racquet and it has been the most popular choice on the team for the last 5 years.  Available from Tim for $65 at start of season.
  • There are two recommended squash shoes:  the Adidas Stabil 7 for women which is for normal or narrow width feet; and the Prince NFS II 1.0 which will accomodate a wider foot.  The Stabil can be ordered from Fromuth’s for $45-$62 (plus shipping) and the NFS II 1.0 can be ordered from Prince for $32.80 (plus shipping).  See below on how to order.

What if I want to buy non-recommended products?

  • Several companies offer discounts because of your association to Smith College Squash.  Henri Salaun has free next day shipping and very good prices; Squash Gear is run by my friend Ben, and Fromuth’s has a large selection of racquet sport products at wholesale prices (ID: 313293 PASS: 313293S – BUT you must place your order through Tim). Holabird Sports is another mostly tennis (but some squash) with fast delivery.
  • Stores at the Holyoke Mall are a local possibility as is Jonathon’s in Hadley but there is normally not a lot of squash stock – sometimes volleyball shoes or gum-soled tennis shoes work.

Links to College Squash Team Purchase Programs:

In general you can check out product descriptions on websites and then check the special college pricelist:

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