Smith College Squash’ Secret Weapon!

March 20, 2011

Very few college squash teams have assistant coaches as qualified and experienced as the Smith College Squash team’s Erin Robson!

  • Erin was the Head Coach of Squash and Tennis for Division III’s top team William’s College, leaving in 1997 to raise a family.
  • Erin is one of only two Division III squash coaches (Smith Head Coach Tim Bacon is the other) who hold’s a Master’s in Coaching – there are no Division I head coaches with an M.A. in coaching.
  • Erin has been the Head Coach at Smith on two occasions – as a graduate student in Smith College’s MSc. in Coaching program (prior to Williams) and during Tim’s medical leave to have a hip replacement during the 2008 season;
  • Erin has assisted at Smith for the past two seasons (see her coaching Alice Reznickova – GPA 3.99 in the video below) at last season’s Howe Cup, and also for a couple of year’s in the late 1990’s – including one season where she coached until her 8th month of pregnancy!

Tim Bacon discusses Erin’s contribution to the success of the team:

“It is wonderful to work with a coach who totally understands our approach and what we are trying to achieve, and can just jump in at any point no matter what the coaching topic!  Erin also brings a very different perspective to the type of feedback she gives to the team – always positive and always constructive.  Lastly, since we are running the team at a women’s college, it is very important to have such a great female squash role model.”

Smith College Squash Team Thanks Replacement Coach Erin Robson

May 10, 2009

Erin Robson, a graduate of the Smith College M.Sc. Program in Coaching, has coached at both William’s College (Tennis & Squash) and Amherst College.  This year the Smith College Squash team was lucky enough to have Erin step in and replace Head Coach Tim Bacon during his mid-season hip replacement recovery.

Erin worked with Tim as the team’s assistant coach during the 1998 season – while she was eight months pregnant!  Erin got rave reviews, and in this video clip Tim and the team thank Erin before their final match of the season against friendly arch rivals Haverford College.