Boys at Smith College – Episode #7!

April 26, 2012

Only 5-14% of U.S. High School girls will consider a women’s college. At Smith College there are many opportunities to meet boys – in class and out! There are 10,000 male 5-College students close to Smith College – Tim Loftus, a student from UMASS Amherst, who we see here in ESS110 – Intro to Sports Coaching, is one of them.

If  you play squash and are considering a top academic college, why not choose the best of both worlds?  Studies show that academic and leadership opportunities are great at a women’s college:  at Smith you can also socialize with males!

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Yes – There are lots of boys at Smith College!

March 7, 2009

There is a common misunderstanding that if a student attends a women’s only college – such as Smith College, one of the top colleges in the U.S. – that one would never see any boys.  Not true!

Any of the almost 10,000 males at the Five Colleges around Northampton, Massachusetts are entitled to take classes at Smith College, the nation’s largest women’s college.

In addition to academic classes, since the College is only a couple of hundred feet from downtown Northampton, the country’s #1 Small Liberal Arts Town (which means the most and best bars, restaurants, theatre and cinema, art galleries, shops, etc. i a very “Green” environment), there are multiple opportunities for the female students of Smith to run into boys.

As we see here on the following video.  Meg Oliverio, #3 on the Smith College Squash Team, has asked a male buddy from UMASS Amherst to come to the gym to hang out for a while: