Basic Functional Training (Core Performance)

NEW Exercises in Green!

Prehab (Aterisk * for “minimal” time-reduced program)

Posterior Rocking

*Hip External Rotation

*Glute Bridge

Hamstring Stretch

*Dead Bug

*Hamstring Stretch – Bent Knee

Hip Crossover

Knee Hug – Lying

Hip Abduction

*Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch

Movement Prep (make sure you have wall or grab bar to stabilize if necessary)

*Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge – Backward

Lateral Lunge – Step & Return

*Leg Cradle


1/4 Squat (similar to video – but just drop a few inches)


*One Leg Balancing (grab bar available)

*Wall Push-ups


Kneeling Pushup

Reverse Plank – Stability Ball

Bosu Stand or 1/4 Squat (FLAT side down – use grab rail – only 1/4 squats)

Lat stretch – rack

*Standing Cable Row

Mini-Band Monster Walk (slower than in video)

Pillar Bridge Front – Knees

Med Ball Chest Pass

Twisting Exercises (choose two per workout)

Med Ball Side Throw

Cable Twist (light weight – move more slowly that video)

Woodchopper – High to Low (arms do NOT have to be perfectly straight as in video)

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