2015 CSA Champs @ Harvard/MIT Jan. 13-15, 2015

I have posted all key information regarding the championships on this page.


  • Friday:  So Smith plays Northwestern at 6:00 pm at Harvard (crts. 9,11,13).
  • Saturday:  If we win on Friday we move to the right in the draw and play the winner of Vassar/Rochester at 4:00 at MIT.  If we lose on Friday we play the LOSER of Vassar/Rochester at 2:30 at MIT
  • Sunday: If we win our main draw match Saturday we play in the E final at 11:00 at Harvard (crts. 11,12,13).  If we lose our consolation match on Saturday we play in the 39-40 playoff at 3:00 on Sunday.  If we WIN our consolation match on Saturday, we play in the consolation final at 9:30 a.m. at MIT (crts. 4,5,6).
  • Here is the link to the CSA site with draws and other information.




Coaches Meeting Friday Evening @ 8:30 at the harvard Courts (Murr Center)

There was online voting for a number of awards – Smith abstained as we do not know any of the teams involved.  Skylar and perhaps one of the captains should attend as they may discuss matters concerning the championships and next season.

Med Kit

The med kit is at the equipment booth (my prescription sunglasses are inside – if you could put them in the team room or my office that would be great).

CSA Coach Book

Skylar should have our team’s CSA Coach book as it has all of the CSA rules – it should be on my desk along with the Conn coach’s book (Ted Childs) – she sould bring it along to give to him.

Our Smith Line-Up

The key point to remember is that if there is an injury the order must be respected – and only #10 can act as a bona fide sub (#11s never count).  Sometimes teams with only 9 borrow our #11, so Gracie may be able to play if we make a bit of effort.

Smith Lineup
















Towels, Balls & Grips

Each team member should take a towel from the equipment booth for showering on Sunday. Skylar should give each person two yellow dots and a blue dot so they can warm-up individually (top drawer, filing cabinet just inside the team room door).


Not to be emphasized over playing as well as possible!! But, I see no reason why we cannot beat the first seed Vassar on Saturday if we win our first match on Friday (which we can do if we can beat the higher ranked Vassar).  And then in the final we play a team weaker than Vassar so there is no reason not to win that match either, if everyone simply follows their focus plan.  Good luck!  Tim

 Contact Telephone Numbers (cell)

Skylar Marcoux (replacement coach in charge of trip):  301 – 742-6596

Carly (co-captain):  860-391-5394

Jana (co-captain):  415-994-9540

Tim (Head Coach):  413-330-8222

Lynn Oberbillig (Athletic Director):  413-230-1545


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