New to Squash?

  • Did you know that squash has been rated as the #1 sport for health and fitness? Ahead of running, swimming and rowing? Read about it here:
  • Never played this great sport before? Never seen it played? Check out this video from the World Squash Federation.
  • Did you know that the Smith College Varsity Squash Team accepts players with no previous squash experience? Did you know that in four of the last 10 years the team has produced the top college player who started her career in college. There is even a special award for that. Contact coach Tim Bacon if think you might be interested in rounding out your college education: or 413-585-2715. Tryouts finish at the end of October.

Smith Squash Wants You!

  • Want some online instruction from one of the world’s top female coaches? Check out Liz Irving’s website.
  • Want a gentle introduction to this great game – try the Squash or Racketball Recreational Play evenings, Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8:30. A monitor will lend you equipment and get you started. More info here.

What is the best (quickest & most efficient) way to learn squash?

The two biggest mistakes newcomers make are 1) starting with the regular squash racquet and regular double-yellow dot squash ball; 2) starting by themselves without expert coaching. Both lead to discouragement (double-yellow dot ball does not bounce and is hard to hit with relatively small face of regular squash racquet) and bad habits (squash is easy to learn but there are a few strict technical points which must be observed: grip & wrist position).

Smith College is the ONLY place in the world where adults can learn how to play properly – all the other countries and clubs have it wrong – and only now is the world starting to allow players to learn properly (with children). This comes from a fundamental misunderstanding of how people learn motor skills – a situation which does not occur at Smith where we use a Progressive Approach.

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