Applying to Smith College?

  • Do you want the best possible education for a woman?
  • Do you want one of the safest towns & colleges in America?
  • Want to take some classes with boys – thousands of college boys are only minutes away – here.

Visit for more information or contact Smith Head coach Tim Bacon: or 413-585-2715.

Stay up to date on why Smith College is #1 for women’s education: Smith in the news!

Check out our Campus Webcams!

Or, check out the Northampton Webcam!

Or, take a virtual tour although in person is best!

Listen to Head Coach Tim Bacon chat briefly about squash & Smith College:

We spend most of our practices on court, but over January Interterm we practice twice a day for two hours so have time to examine some topics more closely. In this video Tim is going over the team’s tactical model with the team:

Read an article by my friend Princeton Squash Coach Bob Callahan on applying to college .

2 Responses to Applying to Smith College?

  1. […] This blog has a channel  here, and we have used YouTube for both team stroke analysis (Dartfish on the cheap!) and recruiting. […]

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